This guy. We are sort of in a relationship. But I never take it seriously cause I met him online and we live in different country so its very unlikely for us to be together. I know this relationship won't last so I don care much bout it.

He is already working while I am still in college. Then today he told me he is going to get a schloarship to study in my country just so he can be close to me. He take our relationship very seriously cause he always talk about us getting married and stuff.

Anyway I know things won't work out. Its just a fling to me. I am afraid if he really do come here at my country. Oh god I won't forgive myself if anything happens. I am don't deserved him to sacrifice that much for me. Sometimes I wonder if I should just cut things off with him
definiteintegral definiteintegral
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014