Im a girl who has feelings towards my bestfriend who is a girl too. Im inlove with her for a long time yet still not have gotten over it. We went different ways after I graduated HS and I have not seen her for 4 years. I had few relationships with guys too during that 4 years so I think Im bisexual (just to clarify Im not 100% lesbian). Luckily We found ourselves at the same church as my family and I moved house for the 3rd time not knowing her family happened to move at the same place too. I don't believe in destiny though what the hell these things mean?! I didnt know what's going to happen after when i saw her. My heart beat so fast and I could just only subtly glance at her. Good thing I was able to control my feelings when she came to talk that day. So now we are having fun moments and always hang out together like her normal bestfriend again. Just few days ago I found myself confessing what i felt for her and tried to explain so she won't get mad. She admitted too that she has feelings for me since our first meeting, saying she loved me and never stopped loving me since then and I was the reason why she didn't get into any relationship with guys. Its not quiet long enough we had this conversation. I even had no response yet because my plan was only to successfully confess my feelings. Im not expecting her to love me back but now it confused me. I love her so much that I can't just ignore her feelings and everything she said. But... I am a Christian and being in a same sex relationship is strictly forbidden in our church plus my family is too conservative and kind of narrow-minded when to talk about homosexuality issues. Afraid of being thrown away from the house I never told them about my real sexuality. Now im confused whether to follow what makes me happy but would give me a big risk of getting this big problem with my family Or to follow what is right, which is not to get involved into this relationship with my bestfriend. Anyway since I am Bi she is the only girl I have liked and that I want in my life ever...
iFuckenLoveYou iFuckenLoveYou
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014