Ok so I saw a picture of my ex and this girl today idk if there dating or not. But it kinda hurt at first and went away... Idk if it's jealousy or?? Help pleasee
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It's hard to imagine a guy you once had feelings for being with someone other than you. Even if you didn't like the guy anymore, for example, you'd still feel a pang of something that was once was. It's perfectly natural and it's ok to feel. You don't have to act on it.

I was in a relationship for 3 years where my bf was verbally abusive. When I finally left the relationship, I went out of my way to avoid him. But when I heard he was moving to another town, there was this sudden pang in my heart out of nowhere. It caught me by surprise. It didn't mean I wanted to get back together with him, but it was kind of sad because the relationship had started out with so much promise. Does that make sense? I hope that helped. Hang in there, sweetie. ❤️

It does make sense! Thank you! But apparently he has been Asking about me... But he just got a new gf? What's that mean?

Only he can know that. It's up to you to gauge if you're strong enough to face him and ask him, or let it go. :-( If it was me, I'd just ask but then I'm kind of a hardened, no nonsense person and I need to hear it straight from the horses mouth coz other people getting in the way mess things up, know what I mean?

I get that but he has a girlfriend now like I said and he isn't good with emotions so he would say "it was just a question" or "I was just wondering"

Oh, sorry, I thought you said you didn't know for sure if that was his gf.

The thing is you're assuming you'll know what he will say. In a way that's good because you can prepare yourself, in a way it's not because he might not say that. Are you capable of handling whatever comes out of his mouth? And do you even want to get back together with him? If not, then let it go.

I'll just let it go. It isn't worth my time

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