Blurring The Lines....

I am happy to be me...finally. I know what it is to be me and how I feel at the moment.  I love crossing the gender line back and forth, often lingering at androgyny.  Sometimes it is fun to wear dresses and just be feminine.  Sometimes it is relaxing to appear more like a guy and sort of be left alone.  At times I can't really say how I feel and present myself with elements of both masculine and feminine.  It is fun to explore gender and play with gender.  Who can say what gender is anyway... 
BlueCedarTree BlueCedarTree
4 Responses Sep 22, 2012

you have to be you

That's cool! To be able to feel comfortable as either... :)

I have seen that. I usually tell people to read about bigender and trigender on wiki. It can be confusing having multiple points of view. Instead of listening to people argue, I will just feel their emotions and relate to that. When I feel like a guy my wife often thinks I am angry, but that just how she sees me at times.

Hey this will interest you.. I was trying to search for the meaning of this number I see everywhere 417... and SOMEHOW I came to this:

You seem like a two spirit! and they were embraced and thought have had gifts- which probably relates to your being a sensitive as well. What do you think?