Gender Bender

Im 29 born a female never took to girly things as I grew to the age of 19 I started to feel more male then female was cleared for hormone treatment diagnosed with G.I.D started on the road identified as a transgenderedmale but then something happened in my brain I slammed the breaks I wanted to grow my hair long again wear make up and paint my nails I had been on hormones for 8 months and stopped taking them I decided who ever I am I have to choose to love this person who will always be ever changing I told myself if gender is just some box u can just check mark and if this world has two boxes male or female trust and believe I will leave both boxes empty I'm neither I'm ever changing and evolving some days I wear make up somedays I paint my nails and do my hair pretty though most of the time I dress like a male and wear caps and Beenies there is always a touch of girl in me just like when I feel girly there's always a touch of male I accept it. is it androgeny I don't no. i pass as both .there is no doctor who can tell u ur male or female .you are what u feel at the moment it's up to u to just accept it deny it or simply embrace it
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Hello from an anonymous reader. I like your words a lot and they have great meaning for me. Thank you. I am biologically male and 43 years old. Everything you wrote describes me and my struggles and realisations. Could write more, but late here in the UK so perhaps another time. Anyway, fantastic site with wonderful stories of people's personal journeys, all of which make complete sense to me. Thanks for such a great site. Best wishes from Simon at times, and Emma at other times. I also feel comfortable thinking of a third gender, that seems to work for me. Either that or I am somewhere in between the two. All the best... x