I've Always Felt Like A Girl.

From as long as i can remember i thought i was a girl. I was very young and they would dress me up like a babydoll. I remember crying when they would take the clothes off of me. While i do like to dress feminine when i can it's not about the clothes for me. It's about being who i am, I want to be able to be the gentle submissive person that i am inside, i want to be able to gasp and giggle and scream and do all of those things that come so natural yet i have learned to push down and hide from the world. I am this person who on the outside portrays a very masculine leader of men but it is all a complete lie! i have lived my life for everyone else but me and hope that someday i will be able to live it for the ones i love but only this time as myself. I don't know if they will love me after they find out who i really am but i pray for a way to find the courage to at least show them.
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Jen, when you understand who you truly are, the rest becomes easier.
Wishing you all the best.

Jen, that was a very honest and candid assessment. People who really matter to you most likely will accept you for exactly who you are. Certainly you will find a great support group here. Good, caring people with some real brains too.

Honestly I think you'll do just fine being yourself, Jen. Of course it takes courage, but you've already taken the big first step, accepting yourself. If your experience is like mine, I found that when I truly and completely accepted myself, almost everybody else accepted me as a woman in today's world too. I routing for you girlfriend ...