So Confused...

Growing up I was always a tomboy, I never related well to girls, I always thought I would have made a good boy. Now that I'm older I'm not so sure, I don't think I'm entirly a girl. I have some feminine qualities, for instance I like to wear female clothes, but I feel more like I'm wearing a costume, than wearing it because I should. I make friends more easily with guys as welll. Anyways, I'm still trying to figure things out. I wish there were an in-between-gender that I could be.

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Hang in there, there is a third gender. Someday society just might accept people for who they are and not what they think they should be. In my lifetime everything has changed, but it was not until I was much older that I got the courage to just be me. I wish I had done this when I was younger, but they use to really hurt people like me or kill them. Thinks have changed, you are not alone in this, believe me there are so many people out there like you. You are just one of the few that has the courage to talk about it.

the feelings here are the same.

i know the feeling, my entire life i have felt the need to hide my inner woman for fear of rejection and violence. I have also lost relationships that were very important to me because they couldn't accept who i am and who i wish i was. it was heart-breaking and life shattering both times. the second time i put myself in the hospital. just hang in there and know that i support you and love you for who you are (not the creepy stalker kind either!! lol)

Thanks for the comments :hugs back: I'll have to look up pan-gender!

Have you ever heard of pan-gender? I met some people on EP with similar feelings. I never heard of it until I met a person that is on my friend list known as ravenite. He is an awesome source, may want to take a look at some of his stories or profile. Plus, he is a very nice person.

thanks for the comments! They are very helpful, and I'm glad there are people like me :) <br />
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Kinkly: I shall check out those sites, thanks for posting them!

I understand how you feel because i'm going through similar stuff<br />
I've found help from the forums at<br /><br />
and<br /><br />
the androgyne forum at susans is good but other parts of that site not so much<br />
hope thathelps

Please don't think that you have to fit into one of two sexes - as there is more. In the ancient times, the people who had both female and male qualities held a higher status in the community.<br />
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Body anatomy and internal feelings fe/male don't always jibe with one another. Find your own style without worrying about what others think. <br />
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Relish the fact that you are a very special and unique individual.

I totally understand you thats the way that i feel but i dont know how to get my life sorted, my family or anyone else dont realise that because i was a tomboy it meant more to me than what it did to them if you understand