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I know that i recently wrote about hating my job. I recently had to go on meds from the stress that i have at this job. I feel as if i will have a panic attack each time i drive to work (which in my line of work you go in in the morning clock in then leave to do visits then around 2 return to the office till leaving for the day). I recently started having to take xanax before going into the office just to be able to handle the anxiety. Well today i went to check on a new job that called me. I will be doing the same type of work except i will be getting paid more and work less with only having to go into the office once a week. Everyone in that office seemed very nice. I told the new job offer about a friend of mine at work that is also looking for a change and they offered her a job too. Seems like a no brainer right? But no, for some reason i feel bad about leaving my job. Like i owe then something. Even though they make me and my friend do more work than the others. It did make me think when one of the owners asked to speak to me today and told me of her trouble with anxiety and asked me not to leave, what she could do to help. I told her the visit load was too much causeing me to have to bring work home and interfer with my home life. She said they would work on the schdule but alas when i got the schedule one of the usual workers was off for the day just like she was last week and twice the week before. Leaving everyone elses schdule rough except for one other worker that has all her visits at the same facility. If i take the new job i will be able to make my own schdule, if i wish to take a day off and see more on one day then fine, if i want to start late and be home before my children get out of school that too would be fine. I would love to hear any advise anyone has for me. PLEASE HELP!      
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Dude look at the date on this story....2007! I have long left that craphole of a job, thanks for taking the time to give your opinion

TAKE THE NEW JOB!!!! You can do it!!! Think of your health and wellbeing and happiness- YOU HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST; IF YOU ARE NOT WELL YOU CAN NOT BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS ANYWAY. Oops sorry for the cap lock it was accidental. I really hope you will take the new job!

You should make the choice based on what is right for you, and the ones that you love most. But your conduct and the way you go about that should be guided by your principles - gratitude, gratefulness, fairness and honesty :) She seems like a considerate boss though. Would an arrangement with one or two protected days of good schedule be enough to satisfy you? Maybe compromise is possible so long as you can get guarantees? Or maybe what you need to do is just explore the possibility, so that you can feel you have given the owner a fair go in response to her consideration?