I Wanna Talk to Some One. Some One to Pray For Me.

i m happily married man for 2 years. for since chldhood i never had any friends whom i could share any thing. either they would'nt take it seroiusly or myown pride would come in between. so here i m, after 30 years of my life and i m alone other than my wife to talk to. but now she is also not keeping well. ican't ask any one even to pray for me. my own misdeeds keep haunting me. my wife is paying for them. pls help me. pray for me. this burden is overbearing me. it's getting too difficult for me to handle this.

meghnaaq meghnaaq
1 Response Feb 27, 2009

hi megh... i would really much like to pray for you... i can somewhat feel the burden...but praying is asking god for a specific thing...