Oh Jeeez

I think I am in love with someone, and its not my husband.  Its an old flame I've recently rediscoverd from high school.  Not only am I confused about divorce, and was not happy in my marriage before all this started,I am scared for my daughter.  Should I spend the next 18 years miserable with this man who could care less about being a father?  Or should I do what makes me happy, and if I do do what makes me happy, does that make me selfish?

sdanamarie sdanamarie
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 26, 2007

to both aka and sdana...don't waste your time. follow your heart if that's what makes you happy.

Ohmygosh girl do I feel your pain. I think we are in very close situations. I have two daughters. It's so hard to figure it out. It depends on how loving and accepting the guy is. In my situation i didn't have a choice because he didn't give me one, so I"m still married I guess. But I say go with your heart if he is a caring guy.