You Are Everything I Never Wanted....

Yesterday, by far, was one of the worst days of my life and all those days can be attributed to one person, my "boyfriend" Rob. We were having yet another heated altercation, the only difference  was that his 15yr old nephew, who is currently residing with us, witnessed it evolve into a physical confrontation. I defended myself as best as i could, but he is a male, so he does have an advantage. Without provocation he struck me repeatedly with a  closed fist and choked me, leaving visible contusions around my neck. I am not a woman of means, so if i had contacted the authorities, which should have been the case, me and his nephew would have been left destitute, which he is blatantly aware of . My unemployment benefits expired today and he keeps the pressure on me about securing some type of employment. I have exhausted all available resources to procure a job. The career prospects in my region are unattainable, due to my lack of a formal education, i am at an impasse. With all that he is subjecting me to, he is also attempting, to have me evicted from my own residence! I have lived here prior to ever even meeting him! Not one living thing does he show such an aversion to as he does me. He opted to wait until his nephew had left for the day to call me a N*GGER repeatedly, because his nephews' brothers and sisters are half african american, and he didnt want it to get back to his family about his true nature, the unseen one. I am suppose to be on medications for severe depression, bipolar disorder and insomnia, but according to Rob, since the medications decrease my sex drive he is opposed to me taking them!  He claims he is exasperated with "my symptoms" yet all he is preoccupied with is how it will affect our sex life, which i could do without personally.
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I hope you have been able to since leave that abusive situation and start to live anew.<br />
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Best Wishes! Mel

Maybe you could find help at a domestic violence shelter. They could help you out with a place to stay hopefully. You should not have to be subjected to that.