Its Been Long Coming,,,

Tomorrow I'm coming to your home to confront you about everything that's been bothering my soul.I need to know why are you still with me and if your are seeing someone or ever cheated me.I'm tired of sitting here wondering if I should do it or not.I don't want to be insecure anymore nor always having negative thoughts about you.I need to trust you and you to do the same.But i guess tomorrow will determine if should work things out or just let it go.
I know you don't know this and you wont be prepared but I am now.

I guess in life everything has a lifespan and we need to choose our battles correctly.Tomorrow I'm claiming my life back.I'm not leaving any stone unturned.I'm not there to fight.All i need is the answers to all the questions I've been asking myself. I cant believe all the pain I've caused myself for the past 4months.

Writing this was my sign of victory.Change is here and its not about you but me...

*Smiley face*
slep slep
26-30, M
Jul 19, 2010