Hard To Please.

At times i think my partner means the world to me,and then when we fall out over the smallest thing it really flips me cause all i ever wanted was to find the perfect partner and be happy,i thought that with all the bad i have had to get through,that i had found the one and now i really have started to show my love i can never get it across right,also the fact we no longer live together its also playing a big part in how we are together cause she works hard and i have aload of problems that i have to deal wih on my own but at the same time when we do see each other we make the most of the time we have we,we go out do things a loving couple would do and she spoils me like yesterday she told me that she had got me a ring along with 2 tops,and beside tbhat she has orded me a ring and a braclet a eternitity one as that,which has shocked me as we ahve had a bad patch,as what ever i do just lateley ends up in us falling out which hurts as i really would be lost without her.Its been almost 9mths and we have not slept together,but most of that was when i had a bad patch and now i am back to myself,we just cant seem to connect but as we do not have a place its hard,so its killing me not being able to be with her and i have to say i know she loves me as she has gone out of her way to get those rings for me and that,just c ant seem to work her out as she is hard work i can never please her but i have to say without her i would be lost cause she means the world,nothing matters to me without her and me knowing no matter what i got her in my life,guess i just got to hang in there as once i got a place we can be together and spend time doing things as one i meran mose couples dont do much so even thou i dont see,her much when we do we go out and do things together,and we are on the phone to one another without fail,so i guess i am happy that i got someone who i look forward to being with,as i never knew how much i loved her intill a few months ago cause i almost lost her,and that almost broke me not everyone can find a person who will do any thing for them i would give my life for her without thinking,all these people who are with people and waste the time they have on other things instead of giving that person their all i was once that person i used to blank her down to my drugs and the break down that i had but now, i know how stuipd i was to put are love on the line like that nothing is worth me being kept away from my partner,as she is one in a million and a women like her is hard to find,thats why i am fighting hard to keep her,as true love is hard to find as i know couples who live together and spend all their time on me instead of showing each other how much they mean to one another,they dont even go out or make love or do normal things,but not everyone is like me a person who will show her love at all cost to her baby and always make her know she is number 1 and the only one i have ever loved with all my heart.

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Aug 8, 2010