Who Do I Really Love ?

I'm going just start writing , I need to get it off my chest and make sense of everything. I have been married for 3yrs to my husband we've been together for almost 6. The last yr and a half we have been having a lot of problems mainly I've been having the problems. I love him but I'm not in love with him I don't think I really ever was. He was safe I knew I couldn't get hurt. So then comes along with this who I became friends with . The friendship took off really fast and was great , after about 5months of being friends it came out the she was falling hard for me and I felt the sameway. That took the friendship to a whole other level. We ended up sleeping together. Sometime in the wks following that she said she couldn't tear my family apart and we broke up. All this thime my husband did know about the actual relatationship, he knew we were friendsa that's it. Within the weeks following the breakup I told my husband that I was bi and that I was in love with her but didn't want to be with her. My husband can't execpt the fact that I'm bi.
The ex g/f and I still talk and I still love her I'm coming to terms with the fact that we won't every be together and that she has a new g/f. If things could get any messier they did.

One night when me and the girl were hanging out. Yes we still hang out. A mutual friend of this guy I knew was at the bar with us. I haven talked to the guy for months . I use to see and talk to him everyday. He was a client at my job. We built a friendship and we got really close. Plus I had the hots for him but never really thought nothing about it. Anyways she said she need to txt him later because I was his birthday. So I got on her pbone and said happy birthday.

Well 2 days later I get a txt from him. She gave him my number. We talked for awhile. And I told him if he every wanted to talk just to call. Well he made the comment that not when he was drinkin. I asked why he said that he told me that he really liked me and has been trying to find away to get my number but didn't think that the mutual friend would give it to him. So we've been talking for a little while and I pretty sure that I'm falling in love with him.

I'm not sure who I love or who I'm suppose to be with. I gotta love my life
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If you want your current marriage to work out you need to stop putting yourself in situations where infidelity are inevitable. You also need to have a heart to heart with your man about your sexuality, I'm not sure what being bi means for you and your husband, but it shouldn't be swept under the rug.