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This morning I spent with my accountant considering what I may do to facilitate changing my situation. My company has branches in two other countries and after looking over the numbers I have decided to sell one of those businesses and reinforce the other. That infusion of capital will create a situation where that business may expand and naturally such an expansion will need the supervision of the company owner. This will be the face saving story for friends and family for my reason for moving to another country. In a short time they will become used to me not being here. My wife will have our home and my business interests here can provide quite well for her, though I have chosen to have my accountant provide her with a weekly allowance rather than give her access to unlimited funds. We have discussed this and she is happy with this arrangement and has decided to invite her mother to come and live with her to which I have no objection. We will remain married but in name only. Which may not be a perfect solution but it will satisfy many of the difficulties that would have been introduced had we tried to get a divorce. So now I must begin the process of selling a business and rebuilding another which will keep me quite busy for a while. However eventually I expect to find someone to become a permanent mistress and I will treat her very well indeed as she will deserve. This solution is not perhaps what would be available to many of the people here but it is not uncommon in our society.
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Very neat and tidy... and like WP, I wish that solution were available to more of us...<br />
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Wish you well...<br />