Through Everything that lied between us, Baby I Have To Let You Go My Frosting

Sitting here, just thinking that everything will get better, as the days past by, my love its only getting worst i don't know what i am doing wrong for you to be this way with me, but i do know one thing that i truly did love you, even through your locked up not even the thought of that could have ever pull you away from me, but if i cant make you happy what makes you think i can start now, i tried with every power within and know that never once did i ever do wrong since you been locked away, getting close to your family, you knew how important it was to me, even that your going to take away from me, waiting on your calls just to hear your voice, at times i don't hear you for 6 days, not even a baby i miss you, or not even i love you, for you to say it to me i have to say it, that's not love, i should't have to ask you if you loved me, if you really did love me, it would come out naturally, i ask you to open up to me, but never will that wall collapse, i'm not going to stand here and force you into anything you don't want, 
But promise you will hold to heart, that always and forever,.? 
Will i forever be your cake, as you are my frosting, will i forever be your wife, for you are my husband, or will i still be your baby panda as you are my little hippo, and most important will i forever be your universe, as for you are my everything, my last drop of a single blood that flows through my veins, baby say you'll remember me, but i have to let you go, if it takes you to be happy, and letting go is the only way, than i promise all i want is best for you, even if its taking the love of my life away, to our unborn child, i know he/she loved you as well, take care my baby i love you, and yes of course i miss you, i will always remember you, through all the memories that we have created, as once said more to come, but i know the one that makes you more happy, will create forever, what if i never knew you, what if i never found you, i never had this feeling in my heart, but forever its lost, you gave up on me, so now i have to go my way, and you know what baby i promise i forgive you, you will always be my destiny , Baby your my destiny ,you and me are meant to be, with all my heart and soul, ill give my love to have and hold, and as far as i can see, from now until eternity, you were always meant to be, i will forever love you, never goodbye, but till later,. take care my love 

calvinjames3 calvinjames3
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2011