In Love With My Ex

I am now dating this girl named Taylor. She is wonderful, beautiful and has a big heart, and I really like her, but I am still in love with my ex, Tessa. Tessa and I still talk and we skype everynight. I go to school with Taylor and see her everyday, while Tessa lives in Kentucky :/. I am 17 and Taylor is 14 and Tessa is 19. I have no idea what to do I am so in love with Tessa, but she ****** me over, twice, but I still have hope for us. I don't want to hurt Taylor and we were really close friends. I am so stuck and lost in my feelings :/.
musiclove737 musiclove737
18-21, F
1 Response May 7, 2012

Follow your heart . Or you will regret it . But think with your head as well . Good luck