Don't Understand My Head!

Someone please help me.... I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearly four years. It was a bit of fun for over a year and we never really got that serious, we have always just done whatever. We have been through a lot together but have overcome it all. I moved in with him into his flat last September and we are now buying a house.. When we first looked at the house, i was really happy, however that night, i went out drinking and the next day, i suffered horrendous anxiety and felt like running away from my relationship, thinking it was all wrong. After a couple of weeks, I felt back to "normal". However, been feeling really horrible and anxious again about work and it's effecting me how i feel about my relationship. One minute, i feel scared and wana run away and the next im excited and want the house now and babies etc. Why do i keep feeling scared? I hate this!!koo
confusedsadgirl88 confusedsadgirl88
1 Response May 9, 2012

It is normal to feel anxiety . Just think with your head don't let the anxiety control you . Is this what you want ?? Be sure and good luck .