Help Me Figure This Out!

I've been seeing this guy for a little over two months. I've met his friends amd ive been introducing him to mine. He has met my son vut I have yet to meet his kids. We are very intimated. Text and talk all day long. We both have very busy work schedules on top of the busy schedules that come with being a parent. I've recently asked him if he was serious about us and his response was
"I'm not seeing or talking to anyone else, I'm taking this day by day and I enjoy being with you".
we get together whenever we can whether it be bringing each other coffee before work if we don't have a day off together coming up or spending the evening together once the kids are in bed. We stay the night at each other houses but lately it seems that all we do is watch tv, drink beer then have sex. I'm so confused! Does this guy really like me or am I becoming the dreaded booty call?! When I ask he what we have isn't based on sex. Any advice or opinions out there?!
missclevemed missclevemed
1 Response May 16, 2012

Communicating is the key . Keep asking him and telling him how you feel . I'm kinda going through the same thing . And I know having kids makes it harder at least for me it does . Good luck and keep talking