Fire And Ice

The eyes that once looked at me with such warmth, such flame.... now look right through me with such bitter coldness. Its chilling. A womans intuition is hardly wrong, and if it is, then its not off by much. It doesnt take an idiot to see when someones lost their flame for you. Nothing I do anymore is ever right or good enough. When you act like your constantly annoyed with someone or just flat out hardly notice they are there..... its obvious. You say that you love me, but the words fall right outta your mouth like they are meaningless and flat. Your actions especially say different. Hes starting to act like im poison or something.... then why wont he leave? He refuses to leave, but he refuses to try to save us.... something is not right. I dont know why people cant ever be straight forward anymore. At least have respect for someone who loves you so much that they would do anything for you. Truth. At least give them that. I deserve that. I once heard a saying... and it could not be more true! Id rather hear a painful truth, then a beautiful lie.
WitheringRose88 WitheringRose88
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 19, 2012

im sorry, i know how that particular pain feels. whatever is keeping him there for now is not enough for you and as hard as it is, you should leave him with your pride and dignity intact. doing so will either force him to realize what a fool hes been or will just prevent prolonging the inevitable - either way you win and are well on your way to the wonderful mutually satisfying relationship you deserve. btw...once you find the happiness you seek youll be surprised by how little you remember about the journey.