Advice About A Guy??

There's this guy I went to 6th and 7th grade with, until he had to switch schools. I was a really naive sixth-grader and didn't know he liked me until the last day of sixth grade when he asked me out. I panicked and said I "wasn't ready for a relationship". Now I'm in high school and he seems.... different. I haven't seen him in person for almost three years, but we've emailed and talked on the phone. I can't really forget about him. He understands where I am right now with 'issues' and such, and I can talk to him about my problems. I decided I need to see him in person so I messaged him to meet me at our local coffee shop over the weekend. On paper he is so perfect for me.... I just don't know what's holding me back.

Things I don't like about him:
-He's sort of socially awkward, but I am too.... so whatever, I guess.
-He made me feel weird in middle school. Probably just because I was so naive I was uncomfortable with knowing someone liked me.

Things I do like about him:
-He understands what I'm going through right now.
-He's smart and goes to our local performing arts high school.
-He skipped ninth grade, so he's a year above me.
-He's always been here for me.
-He's never gotten mad at me, even when I've been a jerk to him. (Unintentionally.... I just got really nervous.)

Please comment and give me advice! I'm seeing him two days from now and I'm nervous!

By the way, my settings got screwed up.... I'm not 18-21 years old, I'm 13-15.
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Stop complaining about the social awkwardness, that's no worry. And the feeling will pass about someone liking you. Just make sure he doesn't take advantage of you, and then you'll be fine.