The Boy Next Door

I have been seeing my neigbor since july but we still arent in a relationship and i am totally in love with him and have told him this about a month ago and when i did he was very compassionate and loving he kissed me and wiped the tears off my face. He says he isn't seeing anyone else. i usually see him about once a week anytime i dont' see him for longer than that i drive myself nuts with the i wonder if he is seeing someone else, is he going to call, where is he, has he forgotten about me. but he always comes around and i love being with him the way he touches me kisses me i cant get enough i dont' know how to move things forward and i think he cares about me but i wish he would tell me hmmm

luckyliz luckyliz
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

you should seriously talk to him about it ask him how he feels