I love the guy i'm with but as time goes on I start to realize if I continue with him my life won't be what I want it to be. I want someone to travel with for life, work abroad and not have kids. I want a relationship to be everything. But he's content staying in his 9-5 job in the area he's always lived in for life.
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You will have to find someone with your interests otherwise you will never be truly happy, just living with regret.

This is a serious life style difference my dear. If you can not be happy living out your life in one place you may want to consider letting him go before your relationship becomes any more permanent

Thanks for replying. I still have a year at uni left so I can't do anything for minute anyway. He keeps saying to me to stop worrying about what I do after uni as things may change but I can't :(

It is natural my dear. Hang in there and keep talking and writing it will help