I Stopped Feeling I Think

During the last month I had some problems with "love" and all that. I though it was temporary but now I start to think that maybe my relationship is going to end... I just don't love my girlfriend anymore. All this "i love you" and so on has become so normal. I just say it cause I always do. I still feel something for her and I think I'd be sad if we broke up but at the same time my feelings have rapidly faded... Now she noticed and said that she feels we're going towards the end. And I found myself wishing that we're best friends instead of having a relationship. And I don't want sex at all. I don't want to be kissed or touched... Gooood, I hate this situation. I feel so uncertain and wrong and stupid ...  Could anyone tell me whether this would normally be the end? Cause ... I don't know what is normal anymore...

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3 Responses Sep 2, 2007

I think my relationship is headed the same way. I can tell my bf isnt feeling for me like he used to.... but he wont admit it. And ill tell you right now that I wish more then anything he would just tell me if thats the case because its not fair to be led on. Id much rather be his friend and actually enjoy spending time together again... then be in a relationship that has no joy...

If you are really desiring her to be more of a friend, you need to be fair to her and end it. It will be the most terrible, painful thing at first. But over time, I promise, it gets better. And you will feel much less confused. It will take strength at first, but you will be at peace afterwards--also, don't try to go from dating one day, friends the next...that never works. You need a few weeks (at least!) on your own before you can try to be friends. It's a horrible place to be. I have been there and back, however, and it is much less stressful on this side of the decision.

u have feelings for her but your not sexually atracted to her anymore... she wants it to end and u want it to end so this will probubly end... ask her if she would want to be your friend before you take a decision to break up... u both sens the end coming soon and maybe you will make the best friends... and maybe the love comes back and youll be couple again :)... or maybe not but i hoppe u can be friends;)