There Is A Group


I started a group just like this two days ago and didn't even share my story cuz I ran out of time.  Well, this is dandy that one exists and I'm not alone.

What happens when two people very very much alike at first are so very different from each other now, we no longer recognize each other?

If we had just met, she'd be a great friend but no way would a relationship work.  And yet, here we are and what to do...?  I still love her...  but it's really f***** hard....


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I think that's a common occurrence, iam. It's natural to grow as we age and go through life. Sometimes we grow together and sometimes our interests take us on different paths. I hope you figure it out and things improve for you.

Bro ive been there done that i mean after the first few weeks its like WOW we r a match made in heaven then things start changing the dark secrets start surfacing and then u say 2 urself why didnt i find out about it earlier u know like sum kinda early warning system

Eh you know grow and learn, I feel like if I'm not constantly learning about the world around me then I'm in a not with people mind you, it's best for me to be as patient with others as I am with myself. I think I've made my life easier by not worrying about having to find a mate. I find that it's usually the easiest thing in the world to be upfront about things because lying always makes me feel like total and utter crap and I don't like lying anyway. Although pretending is altogether different, I was in drama in high school and it was the most fun I ever had. Yep, matters of the something we should strive to keep thriving also, and takes much work also..this is where patience comes in really handy. Good luck to us all. :-)

Hi Queen,<br />
That's a noble wish, but alas the real word throws that back in our face eh?<br />

If we could only keep things the way they were in the beginning. I hate it when everything becomes complicated and changes.. <br />
It would be nice to stay in that place when everything was new, exciting, so much in common, so much to say...when everything was sweet and seemed so easy... that would be bliss!

yeah...<br />
skeletons come out (mine included).<br />
but also people change, in our case a LOT

Whelp, the differences were there WAITING to get out! Sometimes it takes a person a bit to get comfy and let all those "annoying" bad attributes show up. Other times, those qualities were already there and showing, but we choose to over look and accept for a while! Been there; done that... both ways! :O

well missunderstood, I pretty much just emailed you the same thing! LOL<br />
dorobo - I'm an actor, unfortunately part of the curse is being self centered. ;-)

Oh, the joys of a relationship. It seems so perfect at first, but each day gets harder and opens one's eyes to so many differences. I wish I could tell you what to do, but I've been in the same boat for awhile myself.