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So I've gone through middle school and in 6th grade there were all these rumors about me, saying I was "lesbo." and that may sound irrelevant but now that I'm going in highschool, it may rein true. I'm not sure who I am. I'm pretty sure I like girls more than guys right now because I have a few girl crushes and like 1/2 of a crush on a guy. Girls (the ones I like) are just so nice and they listen to me, something guys won't do. And I fantasize about those girls sometimes but it all feels wrong, even illegal at times.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Youll be surprised on how big affect society, parents and spirits have on your life. You cant allow anyone to tell you who you are..words are just that words..they might go to your mind, but stay strong. Realize that your thoughts/feelings are darkness trying to creep in your brain telling you that you should have these urges..then mind joins in..then when your body joins in ..its only a matter of acting it out. Know that it is a choice you are making. You can take control of your thoughts..if you don't want such thoughts my only suggestion would be is to pray..ask god for forgiveness and clarity. Don't let your body win over your spirit..just bc your body is urging for something that doesnt mean that the something is Good for you. Just like drinking alcohol or doing drugs everyday..for some it might be fun and they enjoy the feeling; however, we all know that theres no real good effects long term. So don't live your life for lust and desire; but to be in control. You might have urges; but know that you have the power with the strength of God to resist/restrain from any temptation. Good luck and God bless!