Questioning Sexuality Only Recently

I am a 21 year old female who is confused right now, and its giving me a lot of anxiety. I have never had a boyfriend or had sex, but have had crushes on guys, gone on dates with them, and wanted to eventually do sexual things with them. The dates never amounted into anything, and I've attributed that to me being picky and also in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the past month or so, however, I have started having sexual fantasies about women and found myself ************ to pictures of naked women. I have never had a crush on a girl around me or pictured myself doing anything sexual with any girl friends in the past. I wonder if I would've only had a crush if I was close enough with a lesbian (which I have not been) or if gay feelings would've manifested even in my friendships with straight girls, if in fact I am a lesbian.

The fantasies include women who are extremely sexy and voluptuous. Ever since they first started, I can not stop thinking about them. However, I do not see myself acting on these fantasies. Whether that is because I have for so long identified as straight, or if I actually would not do anything with a woman given the chance, I don't know, and that's what driving me insane. Part of me thinks that because I ********** on occasion I only identify ****** with the female body, and in a sense, don't know "what I'm missing" with men. Basically, I'm freaked out that I might be a lesbian and that I've suppressed it for a long time. I do feel like it would have manifested itself by now though if I actually am. Obviously, I could use some feedback from an external source. Thank you.
laura71991 laura71991
Nov 26, 2012