I Think I'm Bi?

okay, i am a 13 year old girl. never have i ever had a crush on a boy. ever. however, I have only had a crush on one girl, even though im over it now. I have always been turned on by both genders though. the thought of sex with a man appoles me, but at the same time i want it really bad. Maybe its because i am so desperate to find out if I am lesbian or bi. i have a friend who I talk to about ************ and things like that and one night at a sleepover we ad some fun. We played truth or dare, having eachother take our clothes off. then, we *********** in front of eachother, fingered eachother, licked eachother's boobs and clits, kissed (my first kiss), and had fun for about two hours. the next two sleepovers we had after that we did the same thing. I really enjoyed it, but something inside of me is telling me i am not a lesbian.
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ur not the only one

That's the same with me?! I have been out with a few boys but i really want to with a girl