god im really confused about my sexual orientation ok let start in my life ive only dated 5 girls 4 of them cheated on me i never really felt comfortable with a girl sometime i check out guys another thing is uh im usually attracted to the personality of a girl but a lot more things in a guy examples mucles eyes face hair legs ect... and im sometime attracted to a guys personalitie is this just make me completely gay not tht its bad but does it make me a homo or is there some very specific name for it or am i just going through a phase  please answer if you went through some thing like this and try to give me some advic its just tht its been like a day and nobody has answered so please answer this oh and if it helps ive made out with guys before and i seem to enjoy tht more than making out with girls please give me advice thanks love you PEACE please give me advice i really need it im getting urges to have sex with guys by the way i am a guy god people answer i really need help

p.s. the fifth girl i broke up with
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I don't know about all these roads people are talking about, but what I do know, is that you have feelings that are not unique in anyway! Many men and women are going through the same thing. I suggest you try going out on a date with a guy, go to a gay bar/club, sign up for an online dating service, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Give it a shot! If you want to see women, see women. You will know what's right, eventually it's going to just click. Good luck :)

If you are attracted to guys,
- taking Road 1, might lead to happiness, if and ONLY if you find the right partner. There is no guaranty, but there is a real possibility. Gay and straight people are in the same boat in this case, some might find the ideal partner, some will not.

- taking Road 2, will lead to a life of frustration, unhappiness and depression. I will never understand why there are people who like to recommend a life of penance, suffering, frustration. Are they masochists ? I cannot believe that a hypothetical God would want people to suffer voluntarily for all their life. Isn't that recommendation of penance rather a way for some wannabe rulers to keep the people in domination and in fear of liberating themselves from so called taboos invented by Man ? And don't forget, David and Jonathan were happy and were never condemned by their God. There is NO mention anywhere that "something was not right" with them.

There are many times that it was mention that having sex with the same sex is an abomination and sin. God doesn't want any of his children to suffer. Youre blaming the wrong spirit for why people experience such thoughts. The reality is this: Darkness causes confusion, sadness, anger and unhappiness..when one realizes that they are experiencing these emotions the first thing one should do is pray because God doesn't want to harm any of his children; however, he has given us all free will do when one makes a certain decision then he or she is faced with that consequence. A man being with another man is a headache and its NOT worth it. I should know bc for 5+ years I thought I was "gay" after realizing that was just a social construct and theirs no such thing in Gods eyes I realized that I still had a chance to see heavens gates. What needs to be taught is very simple. Homosexuality is an act. And like any act we as human beings can all do it. Murderers, cheaters, liars, thefts...we can have all those labels, but we choose not to for whatever reason and its the same thing when it comes to being with the same sex. The purpose of sex is to procreate. By diminishing its purpose to solely pleasure is solely pleasing the body. However the spirit has to always be in control. When "gay" men act on these lusts and desire for pleasure it just shows how weak they truly are. The power to show restraint is what ultimately will bring us to heavens gates. Just bc you didn't get struck down when you did wrong don't think he isnt aware and disappointed in the decision making. If anyone wants and or needs help with these temptations or understanding how to feel fulfilled without compromising where there soul ends suggest reaching out to a pastor or someone you can trust and explain.

Comparing homosexuals with murderers is just appalling. Many might say it is a crime of hate. Murderers harm people, and in the most extreme irreversible way.

Two homosexuals who are in love and express their love through intimate relations do NOT harm anybody. They are not weaker than heterosexual couples who express their love through intimate relations.

Nothing is written condemning David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18). But yes, there are some mentions in scriptures condemning sex with the same sex. According to Leviticus 20:13, gays must be killed. Is that the word of an all-loving God ?

There are also mentions commanding to kill anybody who has another religion (Deuteronomy 13). Should believers live these commandments to kill, to the letter ? Every day ? Should we really believe that an order to kill is a word of God, rather than the wicked opinion of some self-appointed prophet ? A blasphemer who puts his own intolerant opinion into the mouth of God ?

The fact that so much people believe blindly and obstinately in the intolerant statements present in some scriptures is the single biggest threat to global peace there has ever been and that there will continue to be.

The funniest thing ever is to hear you quote scriptures; tell me that I claim to be a prophet blah blah blah...well let me tell you this. I am God fearing Man! I once allowed people like yourself to stifle me into darkness and thinking that theres some sort of fulfillment in the Gay life. What do you know about being gay? What do you know about the lifestyle? You never lived it so for you to comment based on thin air and think that there is any credibility to what you are saying is hilarious to me. More importantly...I know one thing about your kind..your only defense to try to make the person and others feel guilty! God says in his commandments that Murderer is a sin. God says that laying with another man is a sin. For you to try to discredit with your scriptures is too funny. Fact is fact and you or none of your dark cult members could change that. You never acknowledge the fact that we have "free will" to do as we please..I did. By having free will we make decisions and those decisions become our choices. Do you have sex with animals? Do you go about killing others? Ever wonder why?? The answer is simple YOU made a choice. Why you made the choice is irrelevant to the fact. The same should be for anyone..THERES NO SUCH THING AS GAYS, STRAIGHT or BI so by talking about ...oh so loving, caring you are implying that this social construct made by society is something that GOD made up which is NOT the case. Get it together before ppl start listening and not going back to basics where they can find true fulfillment and it would be through Christ. Not through being with another man and or woman for that matter. Having him as God is #1 everything else is secondary.

My bro.
In have a choice of 2 roads.
Road 1: take the "Earthly" road. Its Easy!! Its characterised by: DO WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE/IF ITS FEELS GOOD, THEN ITS RIGHT. Truth-wise...its full of confusion and uncertainity and ultimately leads to an un-fulfilled life. The confusion you feel is not from your body...but from your soul(the real/little you inside ...crying out...which knows right from wrong) . Many may come up and tell you that these are just lies but the fact can-never turn the lords truth into a lie.

Road 2. the road which many today have abandoned. so simple and straight-forward. Give up that kind of crazy life you are leading and use Prayer for strength and follow the Lord.
Give it a try if you are strong/determined to have peace and just ask Jesus to take away the burden from you (if you are willing to give up the burden too....all this confusion! maddness! enjoyment and pleasures that dont fufill you right through because you know...somethings just not right )

Its up to you at the end of the day. but fact still remains.....If you think all the confusion shall end one fine day....mistaken. shall follow you till the end of the days.

Note: Even all those who claim to lead that kind of life and claim are so ware! Its an outer cover for you to see. Theres no true/everlasting happyness on road 1. why? coz thats the lords truth (the one who made you) and his word (read the bible) is final.

Take your pick! & jump on the train. if you dont pick...ull automatically gravitate to one or the other. so pick and use your strength

Similar message; however, using logic is more effective than quoting the bible bc there are alot of none believers. Ultimately the only way for true happiness, peace, and releasing fear is to have God in your life bc hell always protect his children who call on his name.