Still Wondering If I'm Straight, Gay Or Bi

I have already written a similar story about this but i haven't got the answers that i was looking for.
I've always been interested in men all my life but since a couple of years, i have some crushes for women.
I have never been really attracted to the women around me, but sometimes, there is one girl that i found nice.
My first crush was the character "Buffy" in the tv serie "Buffy the vampire Slayer", i thought she was very cool.
Years passed and i have a bit moved on for this character but i had others crushes.
I had one lucy liu, i imagined stuffs, sexually i always imagined myself with a woman, do the man part and things like that.
Before i imagined having sex with guys but now it's always with a woman.
Since a couple of months i now on what kind of women i'm attracted to, i like brunettes.
My recents crushes are Patti Smith (not as she looks like now, in the seventies, she was great) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (seen in Science of sleep, i'm not there and antichrist), actually Antichrist kinda turn me on, i liked how charlotte was, i can't explain the attraction.
After all this, i'm still attracted to guys, for that i'm sure because a few days ago i saw a very cute guy in a training i was taking, he was exactly my type. But still, i'm obsessed by charlotte, i want to see every movie she did, she isn't the best actress nor even a good singer but i like her.

So my question is, what all of this mean ? Should i worried about these attractions ?
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(My phone is being picky and not letting me reply to you reply to me.) You'll definitely know when it's love. Don't give up hope cos it'll find you. I know it's a lame cliche to say "it finds you when you aren't looking" and it can be annoying for people to say it to you, but if anyone can say it while knowing it takes time, it's me. You might have to wait many more years but it is very worth it. Having had to wait so long won't even matter by then. I have a friend who was single right along with me. We found our mates at the same time. It was weird cos we're the same age and had always been single. I wouldn't wanna be one of the ones who dated a lot and had failed relationships though. The right one is enough and you'll see soon enough. :-)

I know this is an old post, but I had to comment. When I was younger I used to have a TON of celebrity crushes. Not being too good around people, it was more fun to live in a fantasy world (and luckily had a best friend who did the same, so school was always interesting with that going on). It was always men for me, but I always supported gay rights and was open, but never actually got into any girls. Then I had a random dream or two about a female celebrity. I think once I got a computer (after high school), it was easier to look people up and see other people going on about their fave celebs.

End up 2009 I was talking to a female who liked the same celebrity I liked and we really clicked. We both started realizing we were capable of liking girls, fell in love, she discovered she was transgender and it just went from there. Not long after, I felt like maybe I hadn't ever met the right guy was because I was more interested in being with a girl. But I'd never rule out either gender, now, so I "labeled" myself as Pansexual. My parents didn't care either way. I do have relatives who are old fashioned and would care so I can't tell them, but oh well.

Anyway, I lean more towards being a lesbian and it's really sad that you can find lesbians who will say "I fell in love with a girl and then she decided she wanted to be trans so I left her cos ew." I don't even understand that. Love is love and I can't imagine myself having left my boyfriend just because he became trans right after we met (he didn't know much about being transgender or that it was an option, but he'd always felt like a guy inside).

So if you meet someone and you feel a strong connection, I honestly don't think you'll care what their gender is at that point. One or the other might be the easier option (based on society and all that), but you'll totally know when it comes along and it won't matter at all.

True, it's all about love, but i have to say that i don't know what love is so i don't know what we suppose to feel and how we know that we love a person.

You're right Donotforget, it's only on celebrities, it's rare that i have crushes on a woman that i've met but as you said i should try it , we never know.

I don't think your celebrity crushes should be used to determine your sexuality. Celebrity crushes aren't real. Just because you like some hot celebrity chick doesn't mean you're attracted to real girls. The great thing about celebrity crushes is you can imagine a relationship with them playing out in any way you choose (or subconsciously choose). You liking those famous chicks has absolutely nothing to do with how you interact with women in real life, or the chemistry that may or may not exist between other women and yourself. Have you ever met someone who you thought was SUPER hot when you first met, then as you get to know them you realize there's nothing there between you two and your attraction completely fades? I think the celebrity/chick thing could end up being like that. Years ago I thought I might be a lesbian.....until I had sex with a chick. Turns out I'm no lesbian. Go down on a chick then decide. I guess that's really the best test.

I'll try but i don't how to get close of a woman

Don't worry about it. But try to meet people, both men and women, and see which you enjoy the most. You will find both men and women that you are attracted to. But the question is, which or who can you live with and enjoy for the rest of your life? Take care my friend. Let us know how this works out.