Does She Really Want Me

Hi all - well im a 28 year old lesbian and iv never been confused but iv just met a really stunning women and iv fallen in love with her nd she says she is in love with me too! but my problems is well iv never experinced this b4 just because iv never dated a younger women, We have met once and fooled around and well i live a good few hours drive from her so its hard to see each other and she still lives with her parents.
She tells me everyday that she loves me she is confused about if shes bi or gay bu the wy she pursued me!! we talk everyday online on cam and by phone and when were not talking were texting!. i dont see wht the problem is with us seeing eachother, shes scared shes going to lose everyone in her life if she comes out, iv tried to explain to her that really if she loved me this wouldnt matter and that they love her and may be shocked at first but would accept it once they see how i happy i made her.
 I would support her thru this tormenting period in her life, i told her you cant help who u fall in love with she may be straight gay or bi she may never end up with another women after we finishhave i told her something incorrect, she is worried that il finish with her over this and that fact shes not experianced in the bedroom dept with women iv told her that we all have been there and not to be silly coz i love her not the sexual side of her and sex gets better the more we do it but she keeps cancling our meetings we set i feel stupid coz my friends say im been played but i dont think i am were great for a few days the the nerves get the better of her and back track im getting upset and distressed over this now i dont know what to do am i been used to sroke her ego by craving her.sad
turbotongue101 turbotongue101
Jul 24, 2010