What Is Happening to Me??

I found out a while ago that my best friend had feelings for my other friend but it was unrequited. this made her really down so i was helping her through it by spending time with her and taking her mind off things etc..but this level of closeness has led to me having feelings of my own....i have feelings for her and is strange because i have never had such strong feelings for another girl before...... i have questioned myself a few times about my sexuality but managed to convince myself i was straight...im confused now...i think i might be bisexual because i have never had such strong feelings before.


I don't know what to do!!!!

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I don't see why you have to choose. We are what we are. We feel what we feel. It seems silly to put labels on such things. That's where the problems arise. Whether you're gay, straight, bi, whatever, attaching a label to yourself isn't going to make any sort of difference. Personally I dig the Prince approach. Concerning his sexuality, he just confuses the hell out of everybody, but we all accept it because its made into sort of a non-issue. And about telling your parents or whoever you feel guilty about not telling: you are in no way obligated to tell them. If you're not even sure, (which I think a lot of people really are never sure but end up settling on one side or the other because they've been told they need a label in order to be easily be folded nicely and neatly into one of society's many tiny compartments) then why bother telling them? Just basically, don't get too stressed about not knowing on exactly which side of the fence you belong. Fences are lame.

I love bisexuality! I've been asked so many times "why are you bisexual?"... Well... why are you straight? I always say that it's my way of never discriminating :D I see the people, not the gender.<br />
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Accept it... and when you do... Maybe you'll love it as much as I do. :)

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yea i feel the same way as you do. i like my friend alot whoes a girl and iv even told her how i feel about her. i think i am bisexual, but i do get confused sum times an dont know wat to do. dont worry if ur feelings are strong for ur best friend then t mite want to tell her how u feel about her.

I completely understand. I noticed myself falling in love with my friend. I am not anymore because I know it isn't mutual, but I just felt it...the feeling. The strong feeling of just wanting to know more, to be more, wanting to be closer to her. If it wasn't a difficult situation for me I might have come clean to her about my feelings, but I would have just added more fuel to her burning fire of her life. So I didn't say anything, but in your situation you already know that she has been attracted to woman before because it was your friend, so tell her how you feel! I am jealous. I wish I had that opportunity.

got this same problem and it's all about accepting it. Once I accepted that I have feelings for women as well and for men I started a relationship with a woman and apart from my Borderline disorder it's all working out well. Though I didn't tell my parents so far. But I think it's just "love" once you've accepted it... just give it a try...