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I wouldn't say I am in love with him but I have a different kind of obsession about my friend. I just want to be with him all the time and really care about what he thinks about me. His friendship is really special to me but I'm always feeling worried about if our friendship is as special to him. Caring too much about this has caused me to question my sexuality, I think about him way too much but I don't want to mess up this friendship at all. Plus there is no way anything could happen, I know he is straight and I don't want to be gay, I really don't want anything to ruin this friendship. How can I know if our friendship is as important to him as it is to me or not?
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mate u gotta think about 2 things 1 do u really like him more then a friend or 2 is it just u wanna b his good mate? cause i had this prob once. there was this guy i really wanted todo stuff with but i wasnt sure if he wanted todo the same. some nights i was sure he was giving me signals and others nothin. so i made my move n got my answer. No he did not feel the same he was still cool to be friends but i was pretty embarrassed so eventally we drifted apart but it was 4 the best cause i finally relised i was only his friend cause i was attracted to him. so think about it n make a decission cause it will rip u up inside wonderin.<br />
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I think all these problems are always very complicated and i know how you feel except my story is a little different...if you want to know if your friendship is a special to himas it is to you then you should either come right out and say how much it means to you or not bother and just enjoy the time you get to spend with him that way you stay friends and still get to hang out. XxxxX i hope i was of some help...hang in there it will work out eventually XxxxX