Im Confused About My Feelings

Im 21 yrs old and lately iver been very confused about my sexuality for the past 2 yrs. everyday im more and more consed if im gay or straight ive my last girlsfirends ive felt a connections we got along really well and we i connect with both psysicallty and emotionally, at the same time there are those times when i stop and look at a cute guy and start getting a weird feeling, and say ooh his cute ... sometimes i say to my self whatever well do it. but then i stop and think about it. then there are those time when i feel the same way whn i see a girl. not only that but i had a crush a while back on my ex-girlfriends brother. everytime i saw him i acted weird i would be like wtf is wrong with. but lately ive just been very confused i jelous when i see my friend with another girl. i still feel that i am attracted to girls because we click and i can have real feelings for them but, i the same time i get this weird feeling when im around this guy or even when i stop and check out a guy when im out. i need some advice to clear my thoughs becuase its getting its just gets harder and harder to hide these feeling



18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

im confused to i always liked girls but a recent event makes me think i like boys too

You need to read Kinsey's book on male sexuality, where you will learn how complex sexuality is, and how normal it is to be bi-sexual. Relax, enjoy your sexuality, play safe, but don't take it so seriously. You'll be glad you did, and there are a lot of bi and gay guys out there that would love to accommodate you fantasies, and not be encumbering, so give it a try.