God's Forgiveness

I am not quite sure what I would consider myself religiously. I was never raised to be overly pushed into one religion or another, and I believe in certain aspects of many Eastern and Western religions. I believe in one God and living a life of good moral character. One of the greatest oppositions I have with many religions is the idea of God's forgiveness of man. To my knowledge to requirements to forgiveness in Christianity are sacrifice, forgiveness of others, confession of your sins, and repentence. Then, God is supposed to ensure you happiness, take away your sins, and not hold your sins against you. I have a large issue with this notion. I do not believe that rapist, pedofiles, and/or murderers should simply be able to feel remorse after the fact and go to heaven. But then, who is forgiven and who is not? Does that make any killing of another human, even in cases of self-defense, unforgiven murder? I do not know. I have been debating this issues for sometime, and have not been able to find an answer that satisfies my beliefs. I can say, however, that intentions and mind state play a central role in the act of forgiveness. But If one can simply commit horrific crimes against others and then seek forgiveness, what stops anyone from essentially running wild? I know so many individuals who go out drinking and sleeping around on saturday night, and show up to church on Sunday asking for forgiveness just to repeat the same activities next weekend. These are not outrageous crimes, but it is still ridiculously hypocritical and disrespectful to the entire institution. I do not attend services of any religion regularly, but I live my life to my understanding of morality and faith. Does this make me destined to live in hell? A good friend has been raised extremely religous with her life, family, and friends revolved around her church, but she is definately not what I would consider the essense of religion. Is she going to retire to heaven? Does attending services every Sunday make you somehow more religous or more deserving of forgiveness? Personally, I do not believe so. Forgiveness is something that should be given to few in certain situations, not all who ask.

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You bring up good points! No one is saved or more deserving of forgiveness by going to church. Remember, nobody deserves God's forgiveness. He does grant it to anyone who is repentant of their sins (turn from them), and who asks him for it through believing in Jesus Christ.

You get an A+ for this post. A lot of religious dogma borders on the asinine. I believe that hell is the realization that we have hurt someone in this life. I have studied religion all my life. Most of the theories (like divine forgiveness - all you have to do is say I'm sorry) are man made and have no basis at all in the Bible. I, like you, believe in aspects of all relgions. There is no hell where fire and brimstone boul over and devils with pitchforks torture people. there is the realization as to what a bad person you were (in the case of bad people) Just keep your beliefs safe and don't let some preacher with 500 dollar shoes sway you away from those beliefe./ Good post - thanks.