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Where do I start. I have been out of the game for eight years. And trying to become a team player is harder then the last time I played. I have registered on several special sites that include divorce, single parents, bbw's, and even s&m. And I have been approached by men my age, older men, younger men, and even a couple of women. I have been shy and aggressive, been submissive and most of all I have been shocked by what is really going on out there. Where are the real men at? the gentlemen, the lets get to know each other men, the if your not busy this week lets meet for dinner invitation kind of men. I find that this has been replaced by how big are your breast, do you have a big booty, and can I get pictures of both, are you down for (fill in the blank with something inappropriate). So I don't know what happened during the eight years I was in hibernation (aka marriage). And to make matters worse you have the lets exchange photos, and while you are waiting to see the other persons bright smile you are greeted by the ever popular, ever so small, penis picture even though you sent them something tasteful. In the profile they list looking for a nice girl or good woman, or not looking for a one light stand but when you actually talk to them for a couple of days or even in a few hours you wanna ***** down and sanitize your keyboard & eyes. I am only left to say that there is nothing wrong with being single.
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2007

It is the same even in Turkey now days, dear. A horrible senselessness; a wild one night stand nonsense. Not only men, women are the same too. They sure are not and can never be satisfied that way. People think of themselves and others only as flesh! Who knows, maybe they have spirit or not! Who knows, maybe the whole world is getting crazy!

Obviously as a male I dont know what men send to women via i/net....but penises come in small medium and large and are capable of doing the same damage too a beautiful figure...isn't it all a bit juvenile sending them over the net...ladies already have viewed them at close if you are trying to impress send a pic of your bank statement instead

I could not agree with you more on that! I started chatting with a guy on myspace a couple of months ago. Just a little clean flirting back and forth. The next thing I know he wants to e-mail me a picture of his penis! I was in disbelief! I have been out of the dating scene for a while also but times have changed. Its pretty scary out there.