Was It A Waste Of My Life

were to start,have the last 15 years been real,going through every day ,working ,kids trying to be happy,not really knowing what the next day will bring,but you keep going for everyone else,without ever really  being yourself,

then again who is yourself,are you the same as everyone else,do you want the 2.4 kids ,the car ,the dogs,or do you tell yaself that what is expected,spending time with so called mate doing what they want to do,cause thats what they want to do so if your normal you should want to do it,i still dont know what i really want or what iam

,my  ex wife just told me she pregnant again,it is my moment of doing what she wanted,do i want a baby ,i do in someways but not in others,the three boys i have i cant stand to be round [but that another story],do i do the right thing,i dont know,my head is a mess ,everyone thinks they know you ,but they know what you let em know,cause you dont even know you,i know i want to be happy,

i dont want these thoughts in my head,but i dont want to let people down,ireally dont know,i dont know

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36-40, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

are things better now???