Who To Believe

So today i finally came out of the closet and told my best friend that i liked girls. I told her about the girl that i had dated and about the current relationship i was in. She told me that the girl i was seeing told her about the girl i had first dated. Now the girl that i am dating right now was my best friend before she became my girlfriend. So my best friend told me that my girlfriend told her that i like girls. Now, i flipped out majorly because my girlfriend never told me that. She didn't mention that. My best friend opened herself up to me and told me a lot too. I was mad so i called my girlfriend and told her and she said that it was a lie. She said she never said anything like that and that she is lying. She threatened calling her and standing up for herself. But i told her not to because if she were too..there would be so much drama between us three. I would have to choose. And i would never want to do that. So at this point, i'm not sure what to do. Who do i believe? I am so confused. Is there any one out there that can help me? or give me advice?
Brokenhearted33 Brokenhearted33
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

It would be good to be compassionate with these two... <br />
<br />
Why would anyone lie? It is because of a fear! One or the other fears what will happen if you know the truth. So if you can, be forgiving and loving to both of them. <br />
Lying is a let-down... but, well, it seems to be human nature to lie when one doesn't know what the reaction to the truth will be...