Confused Me Wrighting This

i have 5 brothers and they all get good grades but no me i get D's and F's i really dont know why i meam i dont try. the only thing i am but at i being confused and confusing ex: my little 8 year old brother told me this riddle i have 6 cents in my hand and one of them isnt a nickle what do i have in my hand. i really didnt get it so i told him well you have 6 wow you are good ionly have five and it not a nickle and yea now i know what i ment but at the time i had no clue what so ever. five sences hearing, smelling, taste, touch and seeing.but i still didnt get tha joke or what ever so i wahched tv after a while my older brotold me to get him a soda i told him to get it himself and we were playing around and he tackled me on to the bad and i screamed in fear cause he is huge hight not weight so we were playing abd i hurt ny hand nothing to bad i guess and no one was home just me and him i couldnt move it so he thougt i borke ik no phone so we went to the neihodor (hes a doctor) not borken just hurt then he started talikng all dr talk and i was lost i took meds for the pain and i was confused about everything i cant really tell about what cause i dont remember I AM CONFUSED

gardian gardian
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

I commend you for writing this article. It shows that you care about yourself and your family.<br />
You are not confused. You are just in a hurry. You want to fit in with the family. When you look in the mirror, you see you. But if one of your brothers were there, you'd see them. That's the way it should be. You cannot be someone else. In fact, you shouldn't want to be someone else. Be proud of you. You have your own talents and intelligence. Stand proud and strong. Whenever you get confused, just look in the mirror.