Someone please help me...please...

I moved to Colorado for college and I am home sick and confused, anxious and depressed. And I tried calling my parents begging to come home and they just yelled at me and told me how much money I am wasting that they think the only reason I want to come home is because of my boyfriend. What they don't understand is I am not mentally ready for this. I am not in a mental state to be here. And I feel like I am crying out for help for anyone, just anyone to hear me out to hug to and talk to me and tell me everything is going to be okay but no one is answering. And yes my boyfriend does help but he has work and there are times when I need him and there's no way I can reach him. Everyday I cry, desperately searching the web for someone, something to help me. Someone to talk to, something to distract me and I end up here in my bed curled into a ball crying. I don't know who to turn to... who to go to for help and so as a last resort I am here... Someone please help me... I'm begging you..
kodiakh kodiakh
18-21, F
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