Its All a Bunch of Fog

some women find men confusing and most men find women confusing.........i find both sexes confusing as ****!!!

women are confusing (and i'm basing this on myself) because once we're interested in a guy, everything gets weird. we're no longer as forward as we may have been before...its almost like, okay now its your turn. thus initiating some sort of game....atleast i'm assuming thats where the whole 'game' concept originally came from. and if we're not the shy type (this i'm basing on my observation of other women), we're extremely forward, at times almost border lining on wh0re. which is bound to be fun at first, but eventually that type of demeanor fizzles and at that point was your upfront approach worth it in the end.  another thing that i dont understand about women (this i'm not gathering from my own personal experience either)...intense jealousy. why is it that women cant handle when their boyfriend looks at another woman. i admit, it bugs me, but at the same time, i rationalize the obvious, i look at other men too. i'm not thinking bad thoughts, i'm just admiring another persons body (obviously women are better at concealing their observation than men are). and dont give me that bullsh*t line that you point out other women to your boyfriend....cause we all know you dont. i also dont understand showy women. what is a lady's fascination with being the center of attention or every mans fantasy. i dont know about you, but i just want to be one mans fantasy...i often wonder what is going on in these womens brains that make them feel like they need this type of attention.

my confusion does not end with women, i find men to be just as hard to understand, except its not a complex misunderstanding. i simply cant tell whether a guy is serious or not, if he wants a relationship or just sex........i could say more, but i'll have to sort it all out in my head first......hell, even i confuse me :/

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

aww, dont say that. i'm sure you're a great person....i tend to shy off once i'm interested in a guy, which i'm sure in turn gives him the impression that i'm uninterested....