These people are totally irrelevant.  Completely.  Utterly.  It's cool if you're a fan of someone's work and follow them, or support their cause, but worship them like so many in society (and especially the media) do?  No way.  They're just people, and yes, they screw up too.  Get over it.  It also matters not who's dating who, or what rumors are circulating.  Celebrities hold no importance for average people.
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( claps) i agree they are just people...

I agree. We really live in a toxic culture. There always have been irresponsible parents and those who just don't care for whatever reason, but I think today people are a lot more isolated mentally and unwilling to step up and help, say, a neighbor or friend's kid do what's right. Parents refuse to parent anymore, they now have the TV and computer to plop the kid in front of to see whatever there is to see. They don't get involved and filter what their kids are seeing, so kids see sexy scenes from a young age and want to look and act in a sexualized manner, even if they don't know what that means. At some point the parent should stand up and make a final, sticking decision about what the kid will wear, and if they're gifted with something age inappropriate, return it. <br />
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I think it's also fair to keep in mind that many of the marketing and product decision makers are male. Societal pedaephelia ensues.

What scares me is seeing young girls being able to idolise these vacuous individuals and their parents being enablers of this behaviour. What is happening to the parents of today? Don't they sit their young girls down and talk to them about healthy aspirations. I should not generalise but I see it in the shopping malls and in the toys and clothing that is pushed by marketing companies. Why are we allowing the sexualisation of young girls by selling bra's and pantie sets that would be more appropriate on a teenager than a 7 year old? Stop the stupidity I say.

I think part of the problem is that cleebrities still are admired and revered. Or maybe idolized is a better word. You're absolutely right that it's nothing new, and celebrities are just as irrelevant today as they ever were. One of the differences between today and the days of yore is that we now have celebrities who are such for no discernable reason. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian come to mind.

There is so much idle brainpower. If people could put it into something useful we would have colonies on Mars and cancer would be ancient history.

I live in Los Angeles and it is almost impossible not to go through a day and not hear some celebrity news issue. I am so sick of Lindsey Lohan that I can hardly stand it. Who gives a rat's a$$? I always want to say "people, get a grip - get a life!".

I guess it's a from of escapism to a degree. People follow the lives of the rich and famous to escape their own monotony. *shrug*

so very true. i feel the same way... celebrity worship is nonsense. these people mean nothing to average ppl's lives.