Whats So Special About Going Shopping?

Why are people so interested in celebrities?! Its one thing to have admiration for an entertainer, but some people take it WAY out of line. There are people who buy magazines just to read a description of a celebrity eating a hot dog(i'm completely serious, i've seen it before!). Literally half of a tabloid magazine is just pictures of celebrities taking walks or eating dinner...like, who cares? Sure they can be fascinating in the movies they are in, but I think that people have a hard time separating movies from reality. Because, in reality, they are just PEOPLE. They are no better then the rest of us, and it is people who obsess over them that feed their egos. I have a friend who, when she see's a picture of a celebrity doing something a normal human would do, she says, "Aw! Look at how down to earth they are! They are so nice!"...WTF? I just don't see what all the fuss is about!
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Jul 13, 2010