Not All Celebrities Are Rich

Not every celeb is rich sometimes a poor person becomes well known such as in Survivor and end up back in their mundane jobs. Don't get me wrong just because they are pooor working stiffs they are no more entitled to adulration than some of the rich celeb's out there.

The internet in particular is rocketing nobody's all over the world into celeb status in ever increasing numbers. Maybe even EP is creating celebs that unfortunately no one knows who they really are.

What I suppose I'm saying is I hope people don't hate celebrity worship just because they are rich and you can not see a good reason why they should be.worshiped. For example I admire the work Sean Penn is doing in Haiti. The guy is amazing and deserves the reconition for what he is doing which maybe a form of worship I am unsure. Whereas that done nothing for anybody waste of space Paris Hilton derserve no attention what so ever.
k1nudey k1nudey
41-45, M
Jul 22, 2010