I just don't understand why people are so focused on celebrities and the rich &/or famous. I also don't understand why they are put to a higher standard than the rest of us. Every person is equal, every person is human, every person is a F****CKING PERSON. there is absolutely no reason to go and follow every single move of one person. And even worse, to idolize them! I also can't see why when something like Britney Spears stealing a lighter (old news, but just one example of many) suddenly becomes front page news. Millions of people die a day, and there are hundreds of things you could talk about on CNN or HLN or ABC or Fox News or any of those, but Britney decides to try to steal a lighter and all of a sudden nothing else matters. OH MY GOD, SHE STOLE SOMETHING, THE WORLD IS GONNA END!!!! I just don't get it. Please, somebody tell me, why the hell it's such a big deal (And while you're at it, explain the whole Paris Hilton BFF thing, Snookie & The Situation s**t and all that. Please)
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i totally agree with you. it is sickening and quite annoying. it crazy how fan get around these people and they don't give a dang about them. you talk about someone's fave celebrity in a bad way and they are ready to kill you. all these celebrities care about themselves and their money. they can get away with everything because they are rich. but, people who have to work hard for their money or have no money mean nothing to the world. celebrities DON"T care about the poor.