Too Many People Give A Damn

I don't understand why these f****** people are put in this spotlight. I hate show's like " The Fab life of..." and **** like Teen crib and all this bs. I DON"T CARE!!! There are people out here that can't afford to feed their families and can't find jobs, but a celeb will freak out about the fact that she or he is not going to be making 500 million this year? F**** YOU!
I hate when i go to the store and all i see are these celebs bitching about how horrible life is for them and how mean people are to them. Its called reality, get over it! Suck it up!
And another thing, how is it that a celeb seems to not be able to go to jail but if i would do the same things i would be sitting in a jail cells for a DUI? So can a celeb get away with murder?  I think so.
And its sad, these people really don't do anything! They are human just like me and yet they get **** handed to them because they are a **** or because they are out breaking the law.
So what are we teaching the next generation? If you are a ***** and a ****, go out break the law, you will get money handed to you?

American values have taking a huge nosedive and it seems that a majority of the population doesn't seem to mind. We really need to stop this celeb worship and say enough is enough but i know that will not happen because we don't have that many smart people in this country that see this as a problem.
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I have to day that i respect anyone who goes out into the public eye,ok go and earn your mega millions of dollars,be famous,but don't complain because some paparazzi photographers take shots of you when you don't want them to,sure you're entitled to privacy,but you have 6 homes 40 aston martins,and 100 million in the bank,if you don't like it,quit showbusiness give all your money away to charity, in fact,go be a doctor/lawyer what ever,just as i don't have to look at your face,hear you voice and have to put up with your disgusting moaning about how hard your bloody life is!!!!!!!!!:(

We have a term for Z listers in the UK,we call them Tossers!<br />
Also when they turn up for celebrity Big brother or are on the street being interviewed it is customary to shout,Who are you?:)

What I find most disturbing is that the comings and goings of these people are profiled in what used to be respected newsmagazines. Do the publishers of Time and Newsweek think people pick up their magazines to find out what Snooki is doing? Here's a wild idea: print some actual freakin' NEWS!!!

Many people have made money off of celebrity because people are stupid. Until then woe is the planet.