I too am confused by celebrity/popular or well known people worship. Like the stage when all of my friends were constantly going on about the Kardashians? I mean, how can somebody actually give a crap about what that trailer trash family does? Or, a lot of my friends are absolutely obsessed with the Janoskians right now. They're youtube video makers, quite popular right now. The same thing goes for Justin Bieber, although that phaze has pretty much come to an end, One Direction, 360, Reece Mastin... but i can understand the worship of musicians (Even if I dont think theyre very good), because at least they're appreciated VERY MUCH for a reason. Why do people become unhealthily fascinated in pathetic people who become famous for no good reason? I don't even know. people, you don't know these famous people personally. But I suppose, each to their own... :)
estherann estherann
13-15, F
Mar 29, 2012