I am not confused about that at all since the majority of people are phucktards with loads of free time c:

Why would you ever care if they got divorced or ahhh I don’t know what other **** goes on in their lives -which are by the way normal ***** like ours-.  And this Whitney Houston is still possessing my TV for crying out loud  =D  there are millions of other people who are dying/suffering because of hunger, war etc and no one cares about them.  Therefore, whenever those ignorant people make a big deal or fuss over some ******* celebrity it ****** me off x___x  

 They are just normal people like the rest of us. I swear, nothing special about them and they secretly fart on the red carpet (: 
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I consider it idolatry to give celebrities such attention. I've been close to several celebrities who had television shows (grocery store, airport, airplane) and never made a fuss over any of them even though I did enjoy watching their shows.

Yes, but what would happen to all the tabloid magazines if people stopped reading them? And what would happen to society if more people started reading quality journalism? OMG, that would be disastrous!

yeahhh but in positive way lol!!!

Haha, I agree! I hate this ****.

Join the club XD

Whitney Houston died long time ago ppl are just stupid to put Whitney Houston on tv. get over it talk about a new subject :(

Lollll yeah XD

lol. So true! I'm so freaking tired of hearing Lindsey getting in trouble all the time...in and out of jail. I dont freaking care. And then who Kim K is dating, marrying or divorcing. Hmmm...this is why I dont really watch tv anymore. Got tired of hearing of who's doing who or who's doing what. But there must be a ton of people that actually do care otherwise the Networks wouldn't air. :/

Yeah x___x dumb people e_____e

"they secretly fart on the red carpet"<br />
LOL so funny!! Its sad many people are going to be idiots forever we just have to live with it.

lol yeah XD

haha :P funny last part :P I agree with you tho! There are so many things people should be obsessing over other then what dress so an so is wearing...

yhhh XD oh well

yeh people are gonna be stupid no matter what we think :P

totally !!! XD