I Have Met A Couple Of Them~

I do not understand celebrity worship. I never understood those who shake and cry at concerts? I have never fallen in love with a celebrity although I do respect a few of them for their talent and charm. I have met a couple of them, Robert Duval was most dignified and Bill Murray was totally funny. They're just "folks" like everyone else.
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3 Responses May 29, 2012

I'd love to see celebrity magazines banished from grocery stores!

They're terrible I agree.

I'm depressed on how much i know simply because of the covers..

I was "in love" with a singer when I was 12-13, but I grew up like most people... however some people I know remain mesmerized by 'artists' such as Lady Gaga. Why, I cannot fathom.

Me either~ :-)

I have no time for vacuous celebrity culture. I greatly admire some people but celebrity worship is something else entirely.

I agree with you!