It's All So Stupid!

Why would you want that? The media following your every move, documenting every single thing you do. Whether it's a new hair cut or you're taking a crap. And god help you if you do something stupid or have a breakdown, the whole world will know within minutes.

It's no wonder these 'celebrities' end up in a big mess. I don't think I could cope with someone making a comment every time I put on a pound or lose a pound. There's just so much pressure piled on them by the media. It's not healthy and we the public strive to be as dysfunctional as these celebrities on the brink of their breakdowns? It's just not right.

The worse part of this celebrity worship is the effect it has on the younger generations. The kids who will one day replace us as we grow old and when we are no longer here. These kids that have been brainwashed from the start on the 'perfect body', no wonder eating disorders are such a huge problem in the world today. I'm not just talking about the anorexics and bulimics, I'm also taking about binge eaters and comfort eaters. We are all way too obsessed with body image and the celebrity worship just encourages it all the more.
elpatitofeo elpatitofeo
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1 Response Jul 3, 2012

I agree. Celebrities suck.